Tips and Tricks for your Vibrator

Sexual Exploration

Whether you’re enjoying your TROJAN VIBRATIONS Vibrator with your partner or on your own, you’re likely to be swept up in the moment and do whatever feels right. Have a “go” at it! But if you want a few ideas to work with—and by all means, add your own creative twist to any of our suggestions—here are some product-specific tips and tricks!

Take turns on each other. Work together with your partner to invigorate foreplay. Let your partner try stimulating areas of your body like the back of the neck, nipples, or the length of your spine. Try teasing less common body parts, like ears, or the back of each other’s knees (or any other part you’re curious about). Explore each other and see what feels right.

Try some new maneuvers. Try having your partner hold the vibrator while the silicone tip touches the clitoris and other sensitive areas. You can also try having your partner insert the silicone tip into your vagina. Have your partner gently twist and maneuver the vibrator and see what new sensations the two of you can find together.

Many of our vibrators can be adjusted to multiple positions to more easily touch sensitive areas, including the G-Spot. Try a few different angles to discover which spots feel best for you. Also try varying speed and pressure until you find the level that gives you the most pleasure.

Solo play gives you a great opportunity to learn about your body and its pleasure potential, so don’t limit yourself. Just get into a comfortable position and explore your body. You have many sensitive areas. Try stimulating other parts of your genitals—or any body part—and you might discover a new type of pleasure.

One for the boys. It’s not just for ladies: Vibration can be very stimulating for a man, too. The buzzing is a revelation for most guys the first time they try it. Try applying vibrations in the area between the testicles and the anus or at the base of the penis shaft. Use some water-based lubricant and vary the stroking motion to change up the sensations.

Vibrators are easy to use for most men or couples who have little or no experience with them. The aspect of being able to share the vibration with your partner can be great for couples that want to try something new that both partners can enjoy simultaneously.