Vacationing with a Vibrator

Vibrator Guide


If you’re planning a trip and want to bring your TROJAN VIBRATIONS Intimate Massagers with you, we have some simple tips for keeping your journey pleasurable and embarrassment free. (And if you can’t get away this summer, check out our tips for a romantic “staycation.”

Check it. Airport Security may examine or confiscate any unusual objects in carry-on luggage, so if possible, put your vibrator in your checked luggage.

Remove the batteries. If your vibrator is buzzing in your bag at the airport, you are guaranteed to attract attention. If you’re not flying, accidentally discharging batteries mean you may run out of power before you get to your destination.

Plan ahead. Purchase and pack extra batteries so you don’t run out at the worst possible time!

Bag it. If you’re flying, put batteries and the vibrator into a clear Ziploc bag to make sure that your vibrator is clearly visible and recognizable.

Think small. Your TROJAN™ ULTRA TOUCH™ Intense Personal Massager makes an excellent, discreet travel companion!

Layer it up. No matter which TROJAN Intimate Massager you take with you, pack it between layers of clothing to cushion it and keep it safe. If you do opt to put your TROJAN Intimate Massager into your carry-on when you fly, packing it between things will give you some time to explain that you have a vibrator in your bag and request some discretion.

Pack the pleasure. Bringing a TROJAN VIBRATIONS Vibrator with you is a fun way to add a little extra pleasure to your relaxing getaway, romantic vacation or business trip, so when making your packing list, don’t forget the pleasure!