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Health + Wellness Many Ways to Do it: Types of Sexual Orientations, Identities & Attractions Learn about the many ways to experience sexual attraction by understanding the differences in sexual orientations and identities. Learn More
Health + Wellness Do Condoms Prevent HPV? Understand what HPV is, how it spreads and how to prevent it. Learn More
Health + Wellness Safer Sex Using Condoms to Prevent STIs Condoms help prevent sexually transmitted infections or STDs. Learn More
Health + Wellness Yeast Infections and Sex plus Condoms, Lubes, Vibrators Learn the symptoms of a yeast infection and what to do if you have one. Learn More
Health + Wellness What is a UTI & What Does it Have to do with Sex? Learn what a UTI is and feels like, how to prevent one, and what to do if you get one. Learn More
Health + Wellness Knowing No: Let's Talk About Consent for Sex What is consent and why it's sexy. Learn More
Health + Wellness Let's Talk about Sex: Communicating with Your Partner Talking about sex with your partner (needs, wants, boundaries) Learn More
Health + Wellness Understanding & Respecting Gender Identities Gender identities Learn More
Health + Wellness Protecting Yourself in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Get the Facts Sex in pandemic times (coronavirus) Learn More
Health + Wellness How to Sext: The Basics for Sexy Text Messaging The art of sexting Learn More
Health + Wellness The Most Common Symptoms of an STI STI Symptoms Learn More
Product 101 Yes, Condoms Do Expire & How You Store Them Matters Condom storage & expiration Learn More
Product 101 What Size Trojan™ Condom Do You Need? Here's how to know Condom fit guide Learn More
Product 101 Trojan™ and Magnum™ Condom Size Charts Condom size chart Learn More
Product 101 Trojan™ Condoms Types, Shapes & Styles for Your Favorite Fit & Feel Condom shapes guide Learn More
Product 101 What's Lube & Why Do You Need It? What is lube & why you need it Learn More
Product 101 How to Put on a Condom Correctly how to put on a condom correctly Learn More
Product 101 Choosing the Right Vibrator for You Types of vibrators Learn More
Product 101 How Big and Long Are Magnum™ Condoms? Can I fit a Magnum condom? Learn More
Sex Tips Turn It Up with Partner on Top Sex Positions partner on top sex positions Learn More
Sex Tips Understanding the How, Why and Oh My! of Orgasms understanding orgasms Learn More
Sex Tips What Is the G-Spot & How Do You Find It? what is the g-spot and how do I find it Learn More
Sex Tips The 411 on Foreplay & Why You Shouldn't Skip It what is foreplay and why do it Learn More
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