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The right Trojan™ makes all the difference.

There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all condom. Condoms come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and fits, and the one you pick will affect how it feels and performs. We have a ton of options for you to explore.

That's why we created this product quiz. Just answer a few (quick!) questions about size, what you're up for and what you're into. Then we'll point you to some products that bring it home. Find your Trojan™ and find your best sex.

Signs your condom isn't a good fit

Reduced pleasure for the wearer or partner

Difficulty maintaining an erection or achieving orgasm

Your condom:

• Slips off, breaks or tears

• Bunches at the base or hangs off the tip

• Is too tight at the base or doesn't reach the base

• Gets caught in the foreskin and dragged up the shaft

If any of that sounds like you, or you're just wanting to try something different, it's time to find something better.


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