Health Advice

We believe in responsible, great sex. That’s why our mission is to provide the latest innovations and technologies that help you and your partner to be as safe as possible while achieving new levels of pleasure in all your most intimate moments. From our condoms to our vibrators, to our lubricants, everything we do and make is with these two objectives in mind as we continue to explore new ways to help you enjoy the pleasure of sex in every way possible.


Health Credo

Knowing yourself and treating your body, mind, and soul with care are all components of nurturing and respecting the amazing gift that is human sexuality.

The TROJAN™ Sexual Health Advisory Council (TSHAC) provides an ever changing, growing resource of current sexual health and cultural information. Our Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University surveyed over 3,000 people, allowing us to address public information gaps to help you make healthier choices.

We are continually researching human sexual health in order to give you the best information.

Our research helped us create our Sexual Health Credo, which helps guide everything we do. We stand by it and want you to know that every TROJAN™ product you use was designed with the following in mind:


TROJAN™ Sexual Health Credo

We believe that sexual health is the experience of enjoying sexuality — both emotionally and physically — throughout our lives. Being sexually healthy contributes to an overall healthy lifestyle and involves:

  • Understanding that we are sexual by nature
  • Taking care of our sexual needs in a responsible and consensual manner
  • Being able to experience sexual pleasure, satisfaction and intimacy--when ready
  • Protecting and respecting ourselves and others

Sexual health is best realized through personal awareness, communication, the right experiences with the right products, and access to accurate information and services.