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Trojan™ Condoms Size and Fit Guide

Condoms come in different shapes, sizes, and fits. Some are tapered, some have ribs, some are more snug or slim, and others are designed for larger girths. Which condom you choose affects how it feels, performs, and protects. There's no such thing as a one-size-fits all condom. To get the most from your condom, choose one that fits well and feels great.

Why Condom Fit Matters: It's about Protection & Pleasure

Since you use a condom for safety and protection, you want the right size and fit to make sure it can do the job. Condoms that do not fit properly can be uncomfortable and less-effective at preventing STIs and pregnancy.

Poorly fitting condoms break more easily, slip off, or get removed during sex, which can allow sperm and germs to exchange.

Signs your condom doesn't fit include:

"Not feeling anything" or reduced pleasure for the wearer

Reduced pleasure for the partner

Difficulty achieving orgasm

Difficulty maintaining erection

Condom slipping off (too loose)

Condom breaking or tearing

Condom bunching up at the base or hanging off the tip (too long)

Condom tourniquet (band at the base is too tight)

Condom not reaching the end of penis shaft (too short)

Foreskin drag (condom caught in foreskin and dragged up the shaft)

The length of a condom is important, but so is its width when you're trying to get the best fit. A condom doesn't have to unroll fully by the time it reaches the base. Some men even prefer having a bit of extra rolled condom at the base, which can function as a penis ring to sustain erection.

But if you run out of unrolled condom before you reach the base of your penis, you need a longer length. Trojan offers a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles so you can find a condom that fits your size and preference.

Choosing the Right Condom Size

Many people wonder if Trojan condoms fit all sizes. No condom is one size fits all, but they can stretch to fit a variety of sizes - up to a point. Knowing your measurements and choosing a condom that is sized closest to you will help you get the best fit and prevent condom complaints such as feeling too tight or slipping off.

According to the Boston Medical Group's analysis of 20 studies of penis size, the average penis length in the United States is 5.57 inches erect and the average erect girth is 4.81 inches. Most standard condoms are designed to fit these averages, plus or minus some leeway.

Condoms come in different sizes to accommodate for differences in how you're built. Some condoms are on the snugger or shorter side and others are wider and longer, such as Trojan's Magnum products.

This chart isn't perfect, but it will give you a general idea about small/snug, standard, and large/XL condom sizes and the penises that go in them.

Penis Length Penis Girth Condom Size
Under 5 inches Under 4 inches Small or Snug
5-7 inches 4-5 inches Standard
Over 7 inches. Over 5 inches Large/XL

What Condom Size Do I Need?

Knowing how to tell if a condom fits or doesn't fit you is important to get the most out of using one. No two guys are built the same, and each person has preferences for how a condom fits and feels.

Condom packages tend to list the condom's length and its "nominal width," which is the measure across the condom when rolled into a circle, or its diameter. If your package doesn't give the nominal width, refer to the Trojan condom size chart.

"Nominal width" means the width across the rolled up condom (the diameter of the circle).

"Girth" is the measurement around your penis (the circumference).

Although there is no absolute rule for who should use the different condom sizes, the following guidelines from Medical News Today are based on research and statistics:

Slim or snug fit condoms have a nominal width of 1.8" or lower.

Standard size condoms have nominal width of 2"-2.2".

Larger fit condoms often have a nominal width of 2.2" or higher.

A penis length longer than 7" may need an XL condom to ensure the condom can unroll fully to the base of the penis.

Don't know your measurements? Read on!

How to Know What Size Condom Fits You: Start with Your Measurements

To know what size condom you need, start with some measurements. Yes, it's time to pull out that tape measure, preferably a flexible cloth one. If you don't have a flexible tape measure, you can use a piece of string and a ruler. You need something that will go around your penis to measure its circumference or girth.

When figuring out what size condom should fit, measure the girth of your penis at the base and mid-shaft and measure the length of your penis from base to tip. Both of these measurements are important to sizing a condom.

You'll need to get fully erect to take your measurements. For length, put the end of the tape measure or string against your stomach at the base of the penis, and measure out to the farthest point of the tip. It's best to put the measuring tape or string along the top of the penis. If you're using yarn, string, or ribbon, mark or cut the string at the point where it reaches the end of the penis, then measure the length of the marked string with a ruler. Measure to the nearest millimeter or 1/8".

If you have a measure app on your phone, you can also use your phone's camera to mark the points at the base of the penis and the tip, and let the app calculate the length. There's no need to take a pic and send it to anyone, though!

Now you'll need to measure your penis's girth or how big you are around. Wrap the flexible measuring tape or string around your penis, mark the spot where it meets, and record the measurement to the nearest 1/8" or millimeter.

Measure around your penis in two places: at the base and at the widest part of the shaft.

Base circumference: Measure around your erect penis at about the base of the shaft. Be as precise as possible as small differences in circumference can affect fit, protection, and pleasure.

Mid-shaft circumference: Measure around your erect penis at the widest part. This measurement may or may not be different - don't worry either way.

If your penis is roughly the same circumference from base to head, you may prefer a straight-walled or classic fit condom. If your penis gets wider, you may prefer a flared/tapered fit or a bulbous condom shape, which provides more room at the head. Some people just prefer more room and movement, so this isn't an exact science.

Which condom fits and feels the best is also a matter of personal preference. However, a condom that is too tight can interfere with performance and pleasure, and a condom that is too loose is at risk of slipping off and dulling sensation. Choose the fit that feels best for you without too much constriction or looseness.

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