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Tips, Positions & Ideas for Better Standing Sex

Man and woman pressed up against a wall with their fingers intertwined.
If you or your partner are tired of the same, bed-bound sex positions or you’re craving something spicier, now is the ideal time to try standing sex positions! Standing sex offers you the chance to explore the depths of your partner in ways you may not have imagined before. You might say it “hits” different. Read on to learn about stand-up sex and how to maximize the euphoria in these positions!

What is Standing Sex?

Standing sex is any position where at least one partner is standing, whether in penetrative sex or oral sex. There’s lots of sexy variations to this, as “standing” can also be interpreted as crouching or squatting. So, yes, you can choose to get bent over to your heart’s desire.

Standing sex also gives you the opportunity to try out locations other than just the bedroom. Not to mention, you can turn up the heat by using walls, chairs, countertops and furniture for balance or to “prop” yourself up during sex.

How Do You Have Sex Standing Up?

Standing sex and the variety of positions give you plenty of steamy options to reach the Big O. Consider these tips for your best standing sex that’ll have you and your partner thirsting to do it again and again:

Touch, touch and touch some more: Lots of standing positions allow you to put hands all over your partner to up the intimacy and increase arousal right up to the point of an explosive climax.

Find props or walls for support: Make use of your surroundings! Bend your partner over a chair while you enter from behind or add to the vibrations by lifting your partner on top of a running washing machine. They’ll really be telling you to bring it on (and then in).

Try oral sex standing up: Your partner might be more aroused if, during foreplay, you drop to your knees and dive right in! Oral standing sex positions offer different angles for stimulation and eye contact that can really blow you away.

Test your flexibility: Stand-up sex allows for all sorts of bendiness and freaky experimentation. Push your flexibility to the limit and you may find you experience pleasure unlike anything you’ve felt before. Also, it can take time to find the right angle, so exhibit patience and make sure you’re communicating with your partner. After all, communication is sexy!

Find the right angle: Different strokes for different folks, right? Not all standing sex positions are likely to elicit the same amounts of pleasure for all couples. Try various positions and work with your partner to find the right fit.

Try a lube or a toy: Lubes like Trojan™ Arouses & Intensifies can help create a warming sensation that stokes the fires of the sexual experience. Additionally, the Trojan™ Tandem™ Couples Vibrating Ring works to stimulate both partners simultaneously and can help build toward the Big O during standing sex.

What Are the Benefits of Stand-Up Sex Positions?

Stand-up sex can help to increase core strength and athleticism while also offering different angles for penetration, some of which you and your partner may have unknowingly been lusting over for some time! Some positions allow for deeper penetration and are great for hot and heavy sessions when you’re on a time crunch or finding yourself needing to step away from the party and utilize whatever small space you can find.

7 Standing Sex Positions to Try

Now that you know more about how to have standing sex, it’s time for a deep dive into seven standing sex positions to add to your repertoire. So spice up your sex and try some new things in the bedroom to avoid the monotony of having or taking sex lying down. Your partner is sure to thank you for your ideas, and you might find it gets you off in just the right ways – or opens pleasure possibilities for both of you!

Standing Doggy Style

Standing doggy style sex lends itself to creativity. For example, one partner might kneel on the edge of the bed while the other stands and penetrates from behind. Or you could both stand, with the penetrating partner potentially pulling the other partner closer in for a more sensual and deeper experience.

Alternatively, have your partner lean forward and brace themselves against a wall for support. Then again, maybe you’d rather bend your partner over the arm of a couch or a desk.

For some especially naughty fun, head to the bathroom and try standing doggy in front of the mirror! Perhaps you even feel like hopping in the shower and making things super steamy!

Upstanding Citizen

For adventurous sexual partners looking to flex their muscles, try giving Upstanding Citizen a shot. In this standing sex position, one partner picks up the other and supports their weight by placing their hands under the buttocks. This position requires quite a bit of muscular and core strength.

This position can also allow couples with larger height discrepancies an opportunity to try wall sex, with the lifted partner placed against the wall for support. Buckle up!

Stand and Deliver

The stand and deliver position is essentially a variation of missionary, but it certainly doesn’t involve a bed. One partner sits on a secure surface, like a counter or desk, and leans back at an angle so that the standing partner can penetrate from the front. This makes for a slightly different angle than traditional missionary while still retaining the intimate elements of eye contact and physical touch. If the sitting partner can manage it and wants to test the limits of their flexibility, they can try bringing their legs up on the standing partner’s shoulder.

Feeling a quickie while cooking dinner together? Plop your partner on the counter and give this a go.

Ballet Dancer

For more athletic and flexible couples with similar heights, the ballet dancer involves both partners facing each other, with one partner raising their leg and wrapping it around the penetrating partner’s waist or (sheesh) resting it on the shoulder. With or without music, this sexual “recital” can be one to remember!


Now here’s a standing sex position that can play into Dom and sub roles. One partner bends forward into downward dog position on hands and feet, with the other partner grabbing the pelvis and gripping the waist. The partner on their hands wraps their legs around the standing partner’s waist and allows them to take control. This position is great for deep penetration and might be the key to finding that elusive G-spot.

Standing 69

Trying to get a-head of the competition in your oral sex game? Give standing 69 a go, if you’re feeling so daring. A form of mutual masturbation, this iteration of 69 involves the standing partner holding the other partner upside down at an angle that allows each partner to pleasure the others’ genitals with their tongues.

Standing 69 requires a ton of strength, and it’s important to note that it might not last long. Still, it’s a walk on the wild side, and you can put a spin on classic standing 69 by having the upside-down partner wrap their legs around the standing partner’s head (Wallflower). If standing proves too much, squatting 69 can give your arms a breather while still working the hamstrings and glutes as you’re giving and receiving pleasure.

Standing O

Perhaps you’d rather receive oral sex on your feet than on your back? The standing O position might lend itself to spontaneous sexiness. Pay some oral attention to your partners’ genitals and mimic saying the alphabet, or run your hands through your partner’s hair. For added visual and physical stimulation, mix in some eye contact and touch all up and down the legs and chest!

Safety Tips When Trying Standing Sex Positions

Stand-up sex can provide the fireworks, but not every position works well for all sexual partners, and it’s important to take certain precautions before trying some of these standing sex positions. Heed the following safety tips for the best experience:

Make sure you’re supported: Whether you’re pressing your hands against a wall or a chair, ensure your body is in balance during standing sex.

Use a thin condom: Stand-up sex can get fairly rigorous. Try a thin condom, like Trojan™ BareSkin™ Raw™. It’s America’s thinnest latex condom with triple-tested protection against pregnancy and STIs.

Find the right fit: Aside from communicating with your partner to find the best angle, double check that you are using the condom that gives you the best fit. Additionally, keep some extra condoms available – having a variety pack handy may do the trick—to stay protected.

Use a lube: Lubes like Trojan™ H2O Closer™ can help with the fit and pleasure when you’re trying something new and working on discovering the right angle(s). It has hyaluronic moisturizers that help reduce friction, making for a more comfortable and satisfying experience.

Trojan™ Offers Protection and Pleasure During Standing Sex

If you’re making the foray into stand-up sex, Trojan™ has the products you need to stay safe and satisfied. So, what are you waiting for? Take your sex game up a notch and try standing sex positions for an experience that’ll leave you and your partner weak in the knees and eagerly awaiting the next sexy scramble.