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Turn It Up with Partner on Top Sex Positions

People making out in partner on top sex position.
Switching things up in the bedroom (or wherever you like to make the magic happen) can add self-expression, creativity and excitement to a couple's sexual routine. Partner on top sex positions can amp up the fun and address specific wants and needs.

What Are Partner on Top Sex Positions?

Historically speaking, some of the more popular terms for partner on top positions, like woman on top positions and the cowgirl, were coined solely with heterosexual couples in mind. Today we know there's an entire range of relationships and options to consider.

Partner on top positions are penetrative sex positions where the receiving partner is on top and controls most of the motion and rhythm. Penetration can be vaginal or anal and can include the penis, fingers, vibrators and other sex toys. These positions can be easily mastered and provide several benefits.

Benefits of Being on Top

If you're hoping to boost your love life, partner on top sex positions could be the answer for many reasons.

The sheer thrill of it! Being on top of the action can feel exhilarating and liberating.

Easy access to the spotlight. Being on top allows you to rub and grind against your partner's penis or strap-on to your heart's content (as long as it's comfortable for them). The top position also brings your sexy bits front and center to be caressed, stroked, tweaked, squeezed - you get the picture.

Setting the pace. From the top spot, you can control rhythm, speed and depth of penetration making orgasm more likely.

Taking the pressure off. If one partner is petite, being on top may be more comfortable for them.

When a little extra care is needed. During advanced stages of pregnancy, a woman may find it more comfortable to be on top.

There are several partner on top positions and variations. With the knowledge of a few basics, you and your partner can add your own creative twists and make them your own.

Classic Partner on Top Sex Positions

Here are a few ways to rock the top spot.

The Cowgirl. With your partner lying on their back, straddle them with your knees and shins pressed to the bed. Similar to sitting on a horse (hence the name) lean into a comfortable position and find your rhythm. In a variation of this position, you can keep your feet under you in a squatting position. Tip: Your partner can bend and draw their knees upward to help support you while you're on top.

The Reverse Cowgirl. Again, straddle your partner, but face their feet instead of their head. For this position you may want to lean back toward your partner a little. Or, if feeling more adventurous, you can lean all the way back so that your back is resting on their chest. Tip: You may want to warm up first, this variation may require some flexibility.

Chair Sex. Not glamorously named, but the added support has its benefits. Have your partner sit on a chair and straddle them face to face. The support and proximity allowed by sitting upright in a chair make kissing and eye contact easier for added intimacy. Tip: Make sure your chair is sturdy and won't buckle under pressure or movement!

These positions are brought to life with [s]execution and technique. So let's take a look at a few pro tips that can help you up your game.

Mastering Partner on Top Positions

These tips can help you navigate the limelight of being on top. But with great power comes great responsibility. So use them well.

Use Lube. Use personal lubricant liberally and reapply as often as needed. Make sure the lube is compatible with any condoms you may be using.

Be bold and confident. Being on top can be intimidating. But rest assured, your partner is so busy being turned on, they can only think about how sexy you look.

Lean in. It doesn't have to be lonely at the top. Lean in now and then for kisses and caresses with your partner.

Easy does it. Start off slowly and remember that maximum speed and height are not the goals here. Bouncing can lead to a bad angle and harsh landing on an erect penis. Bending one the wrong way can quickly kill the mood. Instead of bouncing, try gyrating your hips in different patterns and see what you and your partner respond to best.

Create stability. Don't be afraid to use furniture or pillows as props. Placing a pillow under your partner's hips can help create a comfortable angle and ease strain on both your backs. Holding onto the headboard or placing your hands on your partner's chest or shoulders (if comfortable for both of you) can help you stay mounted for a more confident ride.

Take advantage of all the perks. Being on top puts you in control. Take the lead and show your partner exactly what you like and how you like it - speed, rhythm depth, type of contact - all of it. If you're not sure what you like, use this time to find out.

Enlist Your Supportive Partner. Being on top takes effort and can be tiring, especially If you're not used to it. If you get tired, take a rest and get your partner to take over some of the activity.

When trying anything new, execution may not be flawless and it may take a few tries to hit that stride. Just remember, it's all about pleasure. And if you fall off the horse, just get back up and ride, baby, ride!