55 Goals for Your Sex Bucket List

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There are literally 100s of ways to have sex – and you’ve got a lifetime to try them all. New Year’s is a good time to set some sex goals with your partner (or yourself!), but you can strive for new ways to mix it up in bed and spice up your sex life all year long.
Perhaps you’re in a long-term monogamous relationship and looking for new things to try in bed with your partner. Maybe you’re just starting out with sex and want to try everything at least once, or you’ve started experimenting with multiple partners and figuring out your preferences. Or if you’re just someone who likes to check everything off a list, here is a sex bucket list you can work through solo and with your partner(s).
There’s no time limit on accomplishing these sex goals, but if you’re motivated by a deadline and are hooking up on the regular, challenge yourself to try every idea in a certain timeframe. Ready. Set. Go.

New Sex Ideas to Try in Bed: Mix Up Your Positions

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Having a monotonous sex life is a pretty quick way for a relationship to go south. Wouldn’t you rather your partner keeps going down south? If so, then break free from bedroom boredom and try some of the following positions.

1. Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl – and spell “Coconut”

You don’t have to attend a rodeo to take your partner for a ride. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl also allow for some sexy creativity in the bedroom from the top position. Careful there, bucking bronco, you might have your partner craving another spin.

2. Standing sex

Sometimes, pleasure simply can’t wait. The inner sex drive can kick in as soon as you open the front door. Take your partner against the wall and get freaky. Standing sex can challenge and delight both partners and give your sex game a “leg” up, so to speak.

3. 69

Good sex requires some give and take. But if you want an idea on how to reach mutual oral satisfaction and get a little kinkier in the bedroom, try the “69” position. There’s nothing quite like receiving oral while giving some in return.

4. Do It doggy-style

Get behind and go deep. Doggy style allows dominant and submissive types to get exactly what they like. Take your partners hips in your hand or, for a sex idea that adds some spice in the bedroom, grab and hold their hair as you penetrate. Don’t be surprised if your partner really mimics a pup with their tongue out when you pump from the back.

5. Anvil sex position

Don’t just drop the hammer. Drop the anvil. The anvil position is a variation of missionary that involves the person underneath putting their legs up on their partners’ shoulders. It’s more conducive to, ahem, drilling. If you’re tired of the “same old same old” with missionary and want new things to try in bed, try this sexy spin on the classic position.

6. Chair sex

Take a seat before you get straightened out. If the mattress is getting too boring, incorporating a chair into your sex life can unlock a multitude of possibilities. From cowgirl and reverse cowgirl to doggy style, the chair can be used with any number of positions. Or, if you’re looking for some roleplay ideas, play the professor and sit your student down for detention.

So, you have some new positions and ideas to make your sex life hotter. But, what about having sex outside the confines of your own home?

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Sex Goals: A Bucket Checklist for Places to Have Sex

Feeling adventurous and frisky? In the mood for some sexy risk-taking? If the answer is yes, you and your partner can fulfill your sex fantasies by taking your sexual escapades to some of these locations.

7. Sex on the beach

You don’t have to look like a Baywatch lifeguard to bring sex appeal to the beach. If you and your partner find yourselves all alone and raring to go, lay a towel or blanket down (no Sandy Cheeks here!) before you get started.

8. Sex in a tent

You’ve probably heard “Woody” as a slang term for an erection. Well, this takes that to a whole new meaning. Literally and figuratively pitch a tent for some kinky outdoor fun. Just be careful that the animals don’t swarm in case you get your partner singing like Cinderella.

9. Sex in an elevator

Going up? Lay it down. Elevator sex can be an especially risky maneuver. Before embarking on such a daring escapade, you’ll want to ensure there aren’t any cameras. In the interest of time, you’ll also likely have to keep most of the clothes on. Still, this is a setting that satisfies all your “quickie needs.”

10. Sex on a balcony or rooftop

Does your apartment or home have a walkaround balcony or secluded rooftop area? Take your love-making to new heights, literally. Keep a keen eye out for neighbors peering through the glass or out for their afternoon walk!

11. Sex in a car or on the bed of a truck

Car rides can be boring. For thrill-seekers, they can be something else entirely. You can take control and drive stick in the front seat or climb into the back for added space and positional possibilities. If you drive a truck, slip into the pickup “bed” to really get things moving in a hurry. If you don’t have time for penetration, pull over and park the car for some “road head.”

12. Sex on the kitchen counter

What are you going to do with all that cake? Cook up something fun by taking your sex game to the kitchen counter. You can place your partner on the edge of the counter and go missionary. It’s not a bad idea to start with some foreplay by kissing your partner’s neck while they’re stirring up dinner or baking. That could really turn up the heat in a hurry. What’s for dessert? Why don’t you and your partner find out?

13. Sex at your parents’ (or grandparents’) house

Some people love to try quiet or sneaky sex. You and your partner will almost certainly have to do just that if you’re home for the holidays and hoping Mom and Dad don’t hear. Make sure your parents or grandparents are preoccupied and come up with a time-wasting strategy, so you avoid getting caught in a potentially compromising position!

14. Sex in a limousine

Who said limos have to be elegant or classy? They can also be sexy. Hopefully your driver has the privacy screen fully closed. If you’re going to take this chance, you’ll have to be discreet. Try starting with some touching before proceeding to oral stimulation. If you are attempting intercourse, then doing cowgirl (mostly) clothed may be the way to go.

15. Do it on top of the washer/dryer

This could make for more of an organic vibrator. Place your partner on top of the washer or dryer and get them humming with pleasure. Put them in a spin cycle via added oral stimulation or by trying missionary.

16. Sex in a swimming pool or hot tub

Swimming pools don’t have to be about merely laying out for a tan or taking a quick dip. Try out your sexual version of water aerobics in the pool or cozy up next to the jets in the hot tub as you engage in pulsating pleasure.

17. Sex in the ocean

Hopefully your partner won't be salty if you get the feel for sexual urges while out in the open water. However, you should be aware that salt is not the best lubricant. Alas, don't force the issue if penetration proves overly difficult.

18. Sex in the woods while hiking or camping

Hiking and camping require plenty of resourcefulness and demand some exertion. Might you want you want your partner to climb on you after a long day of scaling rocks and hills. Use surroundings like trees for support or seek out some sexy scenery (sex at a waterfall? Sure!) for added fun.

19. Sex in a closet

Not many things will bring you physically closer to your partner than the tight space of a closet. Look for things like boxes to brace yourself or your partner. Closets also offer a risqué setting for stealth sex.

20. Sex in the shower

Shower sex will take “getting wet” to the max. You might have to negotiate a smaller standing space in more conventional tubs, but you can make things extra steamy (literally!) if you have a rain shower with glass panels. Shower sex can be slippery and create strange friction, though, so make sure your partner is comfortable.

21. Have sex on a boat

Sailing out with your partner can present a na(ughty)cal opportunity for fun. Or, if you’re on a larger boat, you can always look for privacy below deck. Drop anchor and “rock the boat” when you check this one off the sex bucket list.

22. Sex on a train

All aboard! Hopefully things don’t go off the rails if you try to sneak in a sex session on the train. Make sure you’re in a discreet location—perhaps an empty quiet car—before proceeding.

Having covered some out-of-the-box locations to advance your sexual activities, let’s talk about some other, kinky bedroom ideas that can help take your sex game to the max.

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Creative & Kinky Bedroom Ideas from Sexual Fantasies to Getting Freaky

As we’ve discussed, there are plenty of ways to add some oomph to oral sex and intercourse. But if those feel vanilla, you’re ready for more experimentation, or you’ve already been there, done that, consider talking with your partner about some of these more creative and kinky bedroom ideas.

23. Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation is a hands-on sexual activity with both partners satisfying themselves or each other at the same time. If you’re looking for a change of pace, add some toys to the mix!

24. Try a new sex toy together

Trying a new vibrator or other sex toy can totally change the sexual experience and unlock a new threshold of pleasure. You and your partner can try a sex toy together, too, as things like the Tandem™ Ring stimulate both partners simultaneously.

25. Learn Shibari or another rope bondage technique

Shibari is a Japanese form of rope bondage that adds a new element to the BDSM kink. Essentially, it involves tying your partner up in some kind of intricate pattern. If you don’t have the artistic vision for Shibari, you can always try more straightforward rope bondage techniques that can still satisfy your sexual fantasies.

26. Try an intensity lube

Lubes loosen the friction and heighten the euphoria during sex, and it’s beneficial for both partners! For added stimulation, you might want to try an intensity lube like Trojan™ Arouses & Intensifies. It heightens sensations during foreplay and intercourse, which might unleash your inner animal and lead to some sexual fireworks.

27. Add heat or cold

Including some heat can enhance the warming feeling during sexual activity, while cooling might result in tingly sensations. Playing with hot wax or ice cubes might be the kink you and your partner need to turn the temperature dial up even when you’re cooling things down. Or try Trojan™ Fire and Ice™ condoms with hot and cold Dual Action Lubricant that can take your sex to a new apex.

28. Try Sex Roleplay

Sexy roleplay can allow you to get over yourself and try something new. Act out that restaurant scene from your favorite rom-com or try some classic roleplay ideas (M’lord? M'lady?) from your sexual fantasies. Costumes not required, but they can be fun to put on – and take off!

29. Use a remote-controlled sex toy

There’s something super sexy about giving control to your partner and to being in control of what your partner feels. Try keeping a straight face in a meeting when your remote partner presses the button and things start buzzing inside. When you’re ready to try it, use our favorite toy, the Trojan™ Vibrating Bullet.

30. Have sex over video chat

When you’re away from your partner (or just go in the next room and shut the door) try turning the camera on your device for a virtual hookup! Vary the camera angles to see different parts of your body – or deny your partner sight then bring your body back into frame. Have a towel handy for cleanup.

31. Take sexy nudes

There’s an art to sexy nudes (full body shots are usually better than extreme closeups), and make sure you have consent to send to someone before you fire one off. Save nudes in a private folder on your phone and check your settings so a nude doesn’t show up on your screen while you’re presenting – unless that’s a hot risk you want to take!

32. Build anticipation with sexting

If you and your partner have agreed to exchange sexy texts and pics, hit them up with some dirty talk to remind them what they can look forward to later.

33. Try edging to build intensity

Edging is the art of getting to the brink of orgasm, then pulling back from the edge only to build up again. You get to enjoy the rise a second (or third, or fourth) time and the eventual Big O is even more intense.

34. Work your way through the Kama Sutra

This ancient text only goes to show that sex bucket lists have been around for millennia. Grab yourself a copy and follow along through sex positions and techniques that will leave you (and your partner) gasping.

35. Use a ball gag

Shut your partner up with a ball gag (or duct tape) as part of dominant-submissive play or take it in the mouth yourself. Make sure you’ve agreed on a safe word or tap-out plan before you gag your partner or get gagged.

36. Try a blindfold during sex

Denying your partner the ability to see during sex means they don’t know what’s coming. Enjoy the an-ti-ci-pa-tion and surprise – with consent, of course. Try combining the blindfold with rope play and a ball gag for even more intense pleasure.

37. Stay in bed with your partner allllll day

This is a goal to achieve again and again. Luxuriate in your partner all day, only leaving the bed for necessities. How many times can you come in 24 hours? You’re about to find out.

38. Try out your dominant side

Unleash your inner alpha or dominatrix by controlling everything your partner does during sex or leading up to it. For some added kinky action, consider playing around with paddles, collars, leashes or handcuffs to really show your partner who is in charge. Don’t forget to set a safe word if either person wants the play to end (we like “toothpaste” or “cheesecake”).

39. Switch it up and be submissive

Being the submissive in Dom/sub play doesn’t just mean you take what your Dom is giving. You get to be the brat and push your Dom into action until you’re, well, dominated. Remember to have a safe word!

40. Read erotica to each other

The brain is the largest sex organ, and your imagination is one helluva aphrodisiac. Try reading erotica to each other (in person, over the phone or on video chat) to turn each other on. See how many paragraphs you get before you’re trying another item on this list.

41. Try anal sex or rimming

Backdoor action is a step into a new erogenous zone for many (and the primary pleasure place for plenty, too). Try these tips for anal play, make sure you have plenty of lube, and find new ways to make you go mmmm.

42. Find the G. Spot or P. Spot

Go on an expedition together to find these sometimes elusive pleasure points. You’ll know when you find the right spot, whether you're going for G or P.

43. Go for a hands-free orgasm

Yes, you can have an orgasm without touching your penis or vagina. Try touching, licking or using a sex toy on the nipples, anus or the perineum for newfound sensations that can get you there without hands or mouths on the usual areas.

44. Scape your pubic hair or shave it all

Oral sex, penetrative sex, and sexy play of all sorts feels different depending on how much hair is down there. Your partner can be in charge of the scaping if you want, extending the foreplay and the trust.

45. Experiment with a butt plug or anal beads

If you’re not into or ready for anal sex, you can still play with the sexy sensations that come from the 1000s of nerve endings around the anus. Butt plugs and anal beads are good ways to start experimenting. Have lube on hand!

46. Masturbate with a penis sleeve

Sure, your hand knows all the right ways to get you off, but you can change up the sensations by trying your hand with a penis sleeve. There are tube versions that envelop the shaft.

47. Try a cock ring

Cock rings can make erections harder and bigger and increase sensation during sex. They shouldn’t hurt though – take it off if you feel pain! That’s not the sensation we’re going for! Also, some cock rings vibrate, adding partner pleasure, as well!

48. Focus on the clitoris and just the clitoris

That fleshy nub of pounding pleasure is actually just the external part of the clitoris, which extends down behind the vulva and has nerves around the vaginal opening. Make it your mission to explore the clitoris from every angle.

49. Full-body nude erotic massage with a happy ending

Start slow, try some scented oil, and either take turns or put one partner in control. Take your time before touching the penis or slipping a finger in, ratcheting up the pleasure and urgency before finally finishing off.

50. Do naked yoga together

Couples yoga is sensual by itself as your bodies touch and relax into each other. Add being naked to your partner yoga and we’ll see how many poses you get in before you move to sex positions.

51. Do a striptease

Put on a song that makes you feel sexy and start taking off your clothes, one item at a time. Try combining this with handcuffs or being tied up so your partner can look but not touch as you tease. Not a dancer? Strip poker is also fun!

52. Have sex fully clothed

If you haven’t tried this, you’re missing out. Figure out how to get in there without taking off your clothes and enjoy the urgency of a fully clothed quickie.

53. Try new kinds of condoms

Condoms are for protection from pregnancy and STIs, of course, but did you know many condoms actually elevate the pleasure? Thinner condoms, ribbed or studded, different shapes, and condoms enhanced with intensifying lube are all options to check off your bucket list.

54. Bring in another person

If all partners agree, you can try adding someone else to your sexy play. Make it a threesome or a moresome and amp up the activity and the pleasure.

55. Attend a sex party

Sex parties, public play parties and kinky house parties are not just fun – they can help you create a whole new sex bucket list of things to try in the bedroom (or the sex swing or the dungeon).

Trojan™ Has Toys & Lube & Protection for All Your #SexGoals

There are many ways to sex and many people to have sex with. So much sexy fun and so little time! Whether you’re trying your first sex position from your bucket list or coming back for more, keep Trojan™ condoms, lube and sex toys in your pocket or playroom for maximum pleasure and protection.