Vibrators & Solo Play

Solo play (also known as masturbation) can provide a wonderful release of tension and is a good way to learn about yourself. The better you know what you like, the better partner and lover you can be.

For solo play, try to create an atmosphere that promotes relaxation and pleasure. For an evening experience, wear your favorite lingerie or sleepwear. Treat yourself to a scented bubble bath. If you like sexy movies (or even just a certain sexy movie star), music or erotic stories, you might use them to set the mood. Maybe even nibble a couple of your favorite chocolate confections.

Often, solo play can simply be done to relieve tension and stress. This is where you might want to try TROJAN™ PULSE Compact Vibrating Massager for precise clitoral stimulation. TROJAN™ Twister™ Multi-Position Vibrating Massager is a versatile vibrator with a unique handle featuring four twistable positions. It's perfect for internal and external stimulation.

Once you’re ready to play, get your TROJAN™ Vibrator and relax. Treat yourself the way you want a partner to treat you—take your time, build slowly, and try to get into a sexual state of mind through the use of fantasy or visual turn-ons, such as erotic imagery.

Turn the vibrator on and use it to caress your body over your clothes. Enjoy the sensations and linger in the places where stimulation feels the best. Then remove your clothes and enjoy the freedom and feeling of total indulgence.

Next, get a little bit of water-based lubricant and slowly rub it on your vulva (external vaginal area) until you feel a little of your natural moisture kicking in.

Gently touch the vibrator to your clitoris and other parts of the vulva. Explore the sensations. If your vibrator has different speeds or interchangeable heads like TROJAN™ Tri-Phoria™ Multi-Tip Vibrating Massager, adjust as you see fit.

Explore the variety of TROJAN™ Vibration products. Try the TROJAN™ Tri-Phoria™ Multi-Tip Vibrating Massager with different interchangeable tips, or for precise stimulation, try TROJAN™ PULSE Compact Vibrating Massager. The TROJAN™ Twister™ Multi-Position Vibrating Massager lets you enjoy four twistable positions, five speeds and three pulse patterns for a very personal touch. And, with the discreetly sized TROJAN™ Ultra Touch™ Intense Personal Massager, you can always have pleasure at your fingertips.

When you’ve stopped using your vibrator, make sure you clean and store it according to the instructions.